OnePlus TV to Run Android TV and the Company Promises 3 Years of Software Updates

OnePlus is always known for software updates in the smartphone space and the company is using Android TV platform out of the box

With every passing day, we’re getting new information about OnePlus TV, which will be the Chinese company’s first-ever Television. OnePlus already confirmed that the India-first OnePlus TV would launch next month, probably on September 26 alongside the OnePlus 7T series. Now, OnePlus officially announced the OnePlus TV would boot Android TV and it will receive Android software updates for three years, just like OnePlus smartphones. One of the reasons why OnePlus is loved so much in the community is because of its software updates and OxygenOS. With the OnePlus TV, the company aims to disrupt the software segment in the Television industry. OnePlus wants to redefine ‘fast and smooth’ with Android TV platform running on OnePlus TV.

OnePlus Says Android TV is the Most Powerful TV Operating System

Last year, OnePlus announced that it would be launching a Television, the one question that struct everyone’s mind was: what operating system will it run? Well, here’s the answer. The OnePlus TV runs Android TV platform from Google and the reason behind OnePlus choosing this operating system is “Android TV is the most powerful TV operating system, and offers a ton of great features like the Play Store and Google Assistant.”

We have seen Xiaomi launching its first set of Smart TVs in India with PatchWall that did not run Android TV. However, later on, Xiaomi launched its second-gen Smart TVs with Android TV on board, something no one expected it to happen. But OnePlus is choosing Android TV platform right away to provide the best user experience.

OnePlus also says the “OnePlus TV is our first step to gradually establish a OnePlus IoT ecosystem.” This is something really interesting to hear. OnePlus is planning an ecosystem, of which the details are unknown at the moment. What we know right now is: if you have a OnePlus smartphone, then the interaction with OnePlus TV would be much easier. “In order to do so, we had to choose an operating system that can interact and seamlessly connect with your Android phone. Android TV is a natural choice,” said OnePlus CEO Pete Lau in a forum post.

OnePlus is always known for software updates in the smartphone space. The company is aiming to get the same name in the television space as well. In the same OnePlus Forum post, Peta Lau also announced that the upcoming OnePlus TV would get three years of Android TV software updates. Chances are that OnePlus TV will run Android 9 Pie platform at the launch and it will receive Android Q based Android TV update once Google announces it.

“We are able to work alongside Google to optimize the Android TV user experience and offer our users Android TV updates for at least three years,” added Pete.

OnePlus TV: What We Know So Far?

OnePlus already announced the OnePlus TV would launch in September in India. The product will be exclusive to Amazon India. Alongside that, OnePlus also confirmed a QLED panel on the OnePlus TV and it will arrive in 55-inch variant. OnePlus is planning to launch only one variant of the OnePlus TV in India with 55-inch QLED panel.

Additionally, specifications of the OnePlus TV were leaked online last week. The OnePlus TV will bear ‘OnePlus_Dosa_IN’ model number and it will have 3GB of RAM, MediaTek MT5670 chipset, and Mali-G51 MP3 GPU.

The launch date of the OnePlus TV is not known at the moment, but chances are the company could launch its first-ever Television alongside the OnePlus 7T series on rumored September 26.


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