Hathway Removes FUP Limit on Broadband Plans in Select Cities

Hathway Broadband has removed FUP limit on all the broadband plans in Hyderabad city to counter other Internet Service Providers

Hathway Broadband has removed the FUP limit on broadband plans in some cities to tackle the threat from JioFiber and Airtel Broadband. In Hyderabad city, we have noticed the removal of the FUP limit by Hathway on all the broadband plans. Even in some other cities like Vellore, Mumbai, the company has removed the FUP limit on some broadband plans, but not all of them like it did in Hyderabad. Hathway Broadband has a wide-range of plans in Hyderabad, offering speeds of up to 125 Mbps. Even before the removal of the FUP limit, Hathway has the best broadband plans in Hyderabad, but now, they are even better. The move from Hathway comes at a time when Reliance Jio is ramping up its subscriber addition with JioFiber triple play plans. Also, other broadband operators like Airtel V-Fiber, You Broadband are also providing affordable plans in the same city.

Hathway Broadband 125 Mbps Broadband Plan With No FUP Limit at Rs 649 per Month

As noted, Hathway is providing broadband plans with speeds of up to 125 Mbps in Hyderabad. The 125 Mbps broadband plan in Hyderabad costs Rs 649 per month (excluding taxes) if a customer chooses it for one month. So at Rs 649+taxes, Hathway users will be able to get a 125 Mbps plan without any FUP limit. We have reached out to Hathway Broadband to get clarity on the offer and the ISP confirmed to TelecomTalk that the offer applies only to the new customers. So the existing users of Hathway Broadband will still be capped at a certain limit every month.

Hathway also has a 100 Mbps broadband plan in the city priced at Rs 599 per month (excluding taxes). Also, for customers choosing the broadband plans for a longer period, Hathway will also provide an option of getting the Hathway Playbox Android TV dongle at no extra cost on a returnable basis.

As we have reported earlier, Hathway Playbox is being offered to the customers choosing broadband plans for a minimum of two months. With Hathway Playbox, users will get free subscriptions to OTT apps like Netflix, Sun NXT, ZEE5 and Yupp TV. Hathway Playbox users will get free access to Netflix for a period of two months (four months, including the first free month from Netflix alone). ZEE5 Premium subscription will also be given to the users, along with one year of free access to Sun NXT. All these subscriptions combined will come around Rs 2,500 and it’s a good deal to the users.

Hathway Broadband vs JioFiber Plans

Unlike Hathway, JioFiber plans are the same in all cities where the company is planning to launch services. Broadband plans from several operators differ from every city, but Internet Service Providers like Airtel and JioFiber are trying to change it in recent times. Airtel’s broadband plans are similar in several cities, but in some cities like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, they’re providing better plans to lure more users on board.

JioFiber has a 100 Mbps broadband plan with just 150GB of FUP limit and it’s priced at Rs 699 (excluding GST). These plans do not even match the plans from Hathway in some cities like Hyderabad. But JioFiber even offers a user landline calling service called ‘JioFixedVoice,’ but there’s no such service from Hathway Broadband.

Also, Hathway is not providing any 1 Gbps broadband plan, whereas Jio’s premium plans to ship with up to 1 Gbps speeds and a whopping 5TB limit.


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